Linking public interest litigators to advance freedom and the rule of law.

What We Do

Local Counsel

Are you an attorney seeking local counsel in a case that advances freedom and the rule of law? We can help.

Amicus Signers

Are you an attorney interested in adding signers to your amicus brief, or to a brief in support of your case? We can identify potential allies and help you manage amici.

Personalized Service

Do you have a litigation or operational question that someone else may have faced before? We can find an expert to connect you.

Each litigation center we serve is independent with its own legal and financial structure, staff, and support base. Within their respective organizations, litigators are autonomous with full control over their case selection and legal strategy, consistent with the priorities of their own organization and their ethical duty to their clients.

About Us

Freedom is at stake. Powerful government officials are continually pushing the boundaries of their authority and encroaching on the lives and liberties of everyday Americans. Lawyers are on the front lines in defense of freedom and the rule of law. We believe that iron sharpens iron, and legal strategies are refined when ideas are shared among allies. We connect litigators across organizations, providing forums and methods for them to build effective partnerships. We also leverage resources by collecting and communicating information.

The litigators we serve are passionately devoted to defending liberty and justice for all. We exist to help them succeed. Join us to advance a freer society where opportunity abounds, justice prevails, and the law is respected.

We support public interest litigators by leveraging resources and creating opportunities for collaboration to advance freedom under the rule of law.

Board of Directors

Peter Bisbee
Executive Director of the Republican Attorney General Association
Carrie Ann Donnell
Founder & President of American Juris Link
Leslie Graves
Publisher of
O.H. Skinner
Executive Director of Alliance for Consumers
Tony Woodlief
Executive Vice President of the State Policy Network

Our vision for freedom, fairness, and prosperity is neither Democratic nor Republican, but American. We are non-partisan and non-profit. We never seek or accept government funding.